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Autolab III is a programmable test system.

Autolab provides all the measurement data capture requirements for the R&D laboratory or small test department environment. Although fully programmable. Autolab provides common measurement tasks, data capture and presentation facilities to cover most of what is required in today’s modern engineering and tests environments without any programming effort required by the end user.

Autolab main screen

Autolab III main screen.

Autolab III builds on the key features of previous versions by adding an updated user interface, more test types, schematic entry.

The control panels of each test sequence provide a wide variety of settings and options to cater for any device specific test.

Key Features

  • Multiport S-parameter extraction functions.
  • 2 and 3 port Noise figure Measurements.
  • 2 and 3-port Intermodulation distortion measurements.
  • Harmonic distortion tests.
  • Adjacent carrier power testing swept over level and frequency.
  • Swept compression test for P1dB and Psat type measurements.
  • IEC61000-4-6 Amplifier AM linearity conformity tests.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Multi-Carrier power Monitoring.
  • Timed measurements.
  • Script customizable Test sequences.
  • VNA, Spectrum, Scalar Analyzer and Oscilloscope screen capture.
  • Built in scripting using VBscript, JavaScript.
  • Pascal scripter with form builer.
  • Syntax highlighted script editor.
  • Automatic System calibration sequences to reduce errors.
  • 2D and 3D reporting/charting system.
  • Project managed setups.
  • Paramatised sweeps.
  • Named operators.
  • Limit lines.
  • Test reports generation export to excel templates.
  • Automatic instrument search and configuration over LAN and GPIB.
  • Industry standard IVI driver support.
  • Create new instrument drivers with the integrated driver builder tool

Autolab works with a wide variety of standard RF instruments which can be configured to form an arbitrary test system.

See Supported Equipment for a list of equipment for which Autolab has integrated drivers.

Download the Autolab Information Sheet pdf logo (1.2Mbytes)

Compression dialog

Autolab Compression test Control panel

Pro-forma pricing

Description License Part # UKP(£)
Autolab III Software Node-lock ALB3-1-1 1500
Autolab III Hardware USB dongle ALB3-1-2 1650
Autolab III Network Server+Floating License ALB3-1-4 1800
Autolab III Additional Floating License ALB3-1-3 1500

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